Leopard geckos are lizards native to Pakistan, India and Afghanistan where the terrain is dry and rocky. The geckos live on and under the ground and are nocturnal. A leopard gecko has a triangular head and a large tail where it stores fat. Its skin is bumpy and heavily patterned. The patterns are designed to camouflage the gecko from predators.

Leopard Gecko FactsEdit

A leopard gecko makes an excellent pet. They are small, have minimal care requirements, and can be left alone for severals days. They are quiet, don’t smell, and don’t need attention. Leopard geckos are inexpensive and easily available from pet stores and breeders. They do not require a large amount of space. They have a wide variety of color and pattern variations. Leopard geckos are the perfect lizard pet.


I Want A Leopard Gecko:

You have decided you want a leopard gecko. Before bringing it home you should have everything ready and all the supplies necessary for its care. You want your new pet lizard to be happy, healthy and thrive in its new home. We have a care sheet manual of everything you need to have a leopard gecko as a pet. For a more detailed explanation of supplies, go to the appropriate page of the leopard gecko guide.

Cage & Habitat: An aquarium or terrarium with a screen top. The tank size should be about 10 gallons per gecko. A lamp on one side of the tank for light during the day.

A heat pad on one side of the tank. Make sure the pad has time to heat the substrate before getting your gecko.

A hide box. One per leopard gecko.

A water dish, food bowl, and a calcium bowl.

A substrate for the bottom of the cage. (Not sand!!!! They accidentally eat sand and they cant digest it so it gets stuck in their bodies and it clogs up everything and your gecko will die! Reptile Carpet and paper towels are way better than sand. Just make sure the carpet isnt the loop kind because a gecko toe could get stuck under the loops)

Any additional decorations you want for the habitat.